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Q1. What kind of technological advancements are incorporated in the new USA Baseball certified CATX?
A1. The USA Baseball certified CATX features new barrel profiles with lower balance points for faster swing speeds. The bats are built from our highest-grade AZR alloy for better overall performance. TheCATX also features new custom-sized handle tapers for a more ergonomic fit, providing more bat control.

Q2. Does the USA Baseball certified CATX have anti-vibration technology?
A2. Yes, the CATX features our newest Liquid-Gel dampening knob. Situated into the knob is a precise amount of clear liquid-gel that helps dampen and dissipate vibrations and sting quicker and moreefficiently than any previous anti-vibration technology.

Q3. Is the USA Baseball certified CATX balanced or end-loaded?
A3. The CATX is a balanced design that features a low M.O.I. for faster swing speeds and better control.

Q4. Is the USA Baseball certified CATX more for power hitters or contact hitters?
A4. Both power hitters and contact hitters will enjoy the USA Baseball certified CATX. The stier flex of the one-piece alloy design will be beneficial for power hitters, while the balanced design with low M.O.I. will be a good fit for contact hitters.

Q5. Are there any rings or governors inside the USA Baseball certified CATX?
A5. No, the CATX Connect features a ring-free barrel and a multi-variable wall design, increasing performance both on and o the sweet spot without any “dead” spots.

Q6. What sizes are available in the USA Baseball certified CATX line?
A6. The USA Baseball certified CATX is available in -5, -8 & -11 Senior League, all with a 2 5/8” barrel. The USA Baseball certified CATX is also available in a 2 5/8” -11 Tee Ball bat, however, it doesn’t feature the Liquid Gel Dampening knob.

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