Uniform and Apparel Policies:


OA does not offer any guaranteed color matching. We have a set palette of colors that we use for the Full Dye process. We have spent many hours developing these colors to best match the majority of merchandise and product that is purchased with the dye sub garments. However we DO NOT guarantee that the colors on the shirts will match other manufacturer’s products, the colors visible on your computer monitor of your artwork proof or previous season’s shirts whether from OA or an outside company. We offer NO REFUNDS for any issues where the above mentioned is the case.


When designing the Artwork for these Full Dye garments, sometimes we get requests to have imagery wrap from front to back or sleeve to front etc. We are unable to 100% guarantee that the shirts at cut and sew will lineup perfect for completion. We will, in our best efforts try and get them as close as possible. However we DO NOT guarantee that the artwork will line up from seam to seam. We offer NO REFUNDS for any issues where the above mentioned is the case.


All artwork created by our art department is property of OA Apparel. The fee for design creation is a service fee that covers the time and efforts of our art staff. The fee does NOT apply to ownership of the design. OA reserves the right to display and share the design work as OA seems fit. Any imagery supplied to us for and during the development of your design will also be included in the above mentioned design displaying and sharing. Artwork created by OA is NOT available in Vector based format and is created only for in house use.


The use of a corporate sponsor name or logo in your artwork design is permitted with the understanding that OA will not be held liable for any copyright or trademark infringement that may occur. The permission to use the corporate name or logo must be obtained by the consumer who is purchasing the artwork design and requesting the use of the said company’s logo or name.


OA offers the development of the artwork in an ESTIMATED timeframe, however the actual completion time frame is based on total volume of artwork orders in house. We are staffed with multiple extremely creative and talented artists that work best when they have a little time to create. OA prefers that they do not hurry or rush on any customers design. We want your artwork to be something you and your team can be proud of. We are unable to offer guarantees for delivery time on artwork as well as any changes to completed designs. We offer NO REFUNDS for any issue where the above mentioned is the case.