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Elevate your mindset, sharpen your focus, and redefine your performance with the 2023 Rawlings Mantra + Plus USA/USSSA Fastpitch Softball Bat. Designed with precision and innovation, this bat is more than just equipment—it's a game-changing mantra that promises power, consistency, and unparalleled comfort at the plate. In this review, we'll explore its groundbreaking features and specifications that make it a must-have for every serious softball player.

The Three-Step Barrel Design Refined

1. Hyper-Precision Inner Barrel

The Mantra + Plus elevates the Mantra's renowned three-step barrel design with hyper-precision molding. This advanced engineering ensures consistent performance, empowering you to unleash your best swing, every time.

2. Impact-Toughened Resin Outer Barrel

Crafted with an impact-toughened resin, the outer barrel layers are designed for lower compression and optimized wall thickness. The result? Enhanced power, unmatched consistency, and a smooth feel that resonates with every hit.

PowerSync Connection Joint

To amplify your power and comfort, the Mantra + Plus features a new PowerSync connection joint. This innovative technology not only reduces vibration but also efficiently transfers energy from your swing directly into the barrel, maximizing your hitting potential.

Advanced Molding Technique

Practice with confidence knowing that the Mantra + Plus is built to last. Its advanced molding technique prevents telescoping and significantly improves durability, ensuring that this bat remains a staple in your arsenal season after season.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Item #: RFP3MP
  • Barrel Diameter: 2 1/4 in
  • Certification: All Association
  • Connection: PowerSync Connection
  • End: Ultra-Light End Cap
  • Frame: 2-Piece Composite
  • Handle: Fused Handle, Collar & Barrel
  • Knob: Blast Motion Enabled Knob
  • Level: College/High School
  • Material: Composite
  • Series: Mantra
  • Sport: Softball
  • Technology: Precision Molded Inner Barrel With Lower Flex Outer Barrel
  • Usage: Bats
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Year Released: 2023

Join the Power Hitters

Power hitters like Jocelyn Alo have already embraced the 2023 Rawlings Mantra + Plus, recognizing its potential to transform their game. Now, it's your turn. Own the plate, dominate the diamond, and elevate your performance to new heights this season.


The 2023 Rawlings Mantra + Plus USA/USSSA Fastpitch Softball Bat is not just a bat—it's a statement of intent, a commitment to excellence, and a promise of unparalleled performance. With its innovative features and meticulous design, this bat is poised to redefine the game. Don't just play the game; own it with the Mantra + Plus.

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