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At Smash It Sports, we understand that players must  carefully select a baseball bat that aligns with their hitting style. Whether you're a contact hitter placing the ball where you need to or a power hitter with game changing strength, our experts are here to guide you in making the most informed decision.

Power Hitter Bats

While everyone dreams of hitting home runs, some players are naturally inclined to be power hitters. If you possess the physical attributes for power hitting, you need an end-loaded bat. These bats concentrate weight towards the barrel's end, delivering more mass behind your swing, resulting in increased power and distance.

Featured Power Hitter Bat: Marucci Cat X Vanta

Marucci offers power hitters an array of options, and their Cat X Connection and Composite series Vanta baseball bats, are two-piece designs, that stand out. It's renowned for its end load and exceptional power. Players claim that every time they square it up, it feels like a "moon shot."

Contact Hitter Bats

Contact hitters excel at making consistent ball contact. If you prioritize putting the ball in play over hitting home runs, you're undoubtedly a contact hitter. The key feature to look for in a bat as a contact hitter is a balanced swing weight. This balance allows you to control the barrel through the hitting zone, resulting in quality contact.

To find the right bat size, take advantage of our bat sizing chart. Once you have the size, consider whether the bat is balanced or end-loaded. Balanced bats evenly distribute weight from the handle to the barrel, enhancing control and swing speed. Contact hitter baseball bats often feature thick handles, providing a solid grip and improved durability.

Featured Contact Hitter Bat: Easton Mav1

Easton Mav1 series is a prime example of a contact hitter's dream. With a traditional one-piece, aluminum alloy construction and an extremely balanced swing weight, there's no better choice for contact hitters in the market.

While certain features and technologies may favor one type of hitter over another, the best baseball bat ultimately depends on personal preference. Comfort at the plate is key. So, are you on the hunt for a new baseball bat? Do you consider yourself a contact hitter or a power hitter?

If you're still unsure which model suits you best, our friendly customer service staff members are here to assist you. Reach out to them anytime via email at We're dedicated to ensuring you have the perfect bat for your game, just like we're dedicated to enhancing your performance on the field. Choose Smash It Sports for quality and expertise in baseball and softball equipment.

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