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Welcome to Bigfoot country! ⚠️ Prepare to witness the power of the 2023 Worth Bigfoot XXL 12.75" USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat WSU3BFX. This bat is a true beast, engineered to unleash insane power at the plate and make believers out of everyone.

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Featuring our groundbreaking X434 barrel technology, this bat delivers an explosive and responsive barrel with unrivaled pop. Just like the legendary Bigfoot, this bat is all about power. With its 1-ounce XXL end load and 12.75" barrel, you'll be launching mammoth bombs with ease. The Flex 75 handle provides the perfect blend of flex and feel, ensuring maximum performance with every swing.

Become a true believer and get your hands on the Bigfoot USSSA bat today! 🦍💥

Key Features:
- X434 barrel technology extends the sweet spot for maximum performance out of the wrapper.
- Engineered for optimal whip and feel with its two-piece construction.
- XXL 1 oz end-loaded swing weight for monstrous power.
- 12.75" barrel length for enhanced hitting surface.
- Available in 25oz, 26oz, and 27oz weights to suit your preference.
- Approved for play in USSSA, ISA, and NSA leagues.
- Backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Unleash the power of Bigfoot on the diamond and leave your opponents in awe. Get your 2023 Worth Bigfoot XXL today and make your mark as a true power hitter! 💪🥎 #WorthSports #BigfootXXL #SlowpitchSoftball #USSSA #ISA #NSA

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